Made to Order

Looking for a unique piece but don't want to break the bank or compromise on quality? As all of our pieces are made to order there is next to no difference between what some may call "Standard" or "Custom" at Timberworx. In fact, most of our happiest customers are those who have taken advantage of our ability to customise.

Size, material, features and style are all completely flexible, so feel free to modify our existing designs or send through your ideas to create something completely new. We would love to turn that dream into a reality!

  • Made to Measure

    Standardised sizing doesn't always work for everyone. Most pieces can be tailored to fit your specific needs

  • Flexible Materials

    In addition to the options available on most of our website listings, we can source most Australian natives and a wide array of imported timbers. Let us know what you are after and we'll see what we can do!

  • Custom Piece, Standard Lead Time

    Our production time is determined by our workload, not the complexity of your design. You won't be waiting any longer no matter how many changes you make